Wedding choreography

Dance, is an action which can uplift the emotions and frame of mind. At that, a wedding dance sequence is very special. That said, dancing is not that comes easy to all and to excel at that you need a skillful guidance. That's when Panache comes into the picture and to your rescue.
So, you have a wedding to attend and need to perform at the pre-wedding ceremonies; but you are not exactly in the right frame of mind or not sure of how to get started. Don't panic and leave things to Panache. The expert choreographers at Panache ensure that you get enough training and are ready for the day. Not only you, but you can get your friends, cousins, uncles, aunts and even your grand-mom get trained for a wedding performance by Panache.
In India, when it comes to dance, what better an occasion for dancing than a wedding! A wedding is an occasion when people hit the dance floor, dropping their inhibitions about age, shape and talent of dancing. However, wouldn't it be nice if you could 'perform' instead of just dance wildly and frivolously at your friend's or a family wedding! Panache comes to your rescue in this spot and sails you through, successfully. Get grooving to a traditional Garba with your aunts, or an enthralling group dance with your cousins. You may even gather all the kids in your family for an adorable dance performance with some cute songs for kids. An all boys or an all girl dance would be as endearing and perky. Also, on those lines, you can have a girls versus boys sequence which would be so apt for a wedding. With so many options for a wedding dance, you can't ask for a better guide than Panache. With Panache choreographers by your side, you can rest assured of an energetic evening, which will light up the entire event. After all, a beautiful and memorable wedding is what all look out for.
Enroll for a family or all-cousins dance performance with Panache and steal the thunder at the party.



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